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We hope you join us at Top Gun for your next hunt. People say we have some of the best hunting in the world here at Mer Rouge, Louisiana because of the sheer variety of different kinds of birds — everyday you will kill a very mixed bag of Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Gadwalls, Shovelers, Weidgon, Canvasback, Redhead and Wood Ducks.

We kill a ton of Specklebellys both in the Early Goose Season before duck season as well as throughout duck season. During duck season and well into the spring during the conservation goose season we kill hundreds of Snows, Blues and Ross' Geese. A drove of ducks coming into the decoys is a very awesome thing, but nothing gets your heart pumping like a group of 100 or more huge geese hovering feet over your head!

Our Dove Hunting is unbelievable here as well. We also have access to thousands of private acres of rice, beans, milo, corn, sunflowers, millet, wheat and goatweed offering some of the best dove hunting in the South. We literally have hunts that are as close to Argentina as you can find inside the USA. Most of our hunts will be full limit hunts,(if you can hit em), and all hunts are planned and on private land to insure this kind of quality. You will witness some of the best dove hunting you have ever seen in the States here at Top Gun, in Mer Rouge, Louisiana.

We have access to approximately 20,000 acres of prime waterfowl hunting land, with 14 to 18 hunting locations each season.

Anyone and everyone. We cater to youth, handicap, and women as well as first-time hunters!

11975 Green Lane, Mer Rouge, La 71261

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Give us a call, leave a message using the contact form or email us at


Colby Daniels
Cell: 318-669-3793


Davy Daniels
Cell: 318-282-2970
Home: 318-647-3341
Michael Austin

In order to hunt with us, you’ll need to bring your Basic Resident/Non-Resident Hunting License, Federal Duck Stamp, State Duck Stamp, and Hip Certification. For information on how and where to get these, please click here to visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Please remember that it is your responsibility to secure the proper licenses and federal duck stamps.

  • Basic Resident/Non-Resident Hunting License
  • Federal Duck Stamp
  • State Duck Stamp
  • Hip Certification
  • Shotgun and Shells (Must be steel, Bismuth or other non-lead pellet) – we recommend three or three and a half inch 2s, 1s or BBs
  • Full Camouflage and Rain Gear (face mask or face paint recommended as well)
  • Waders – we recommend chest waders, though not all blinds require them

After your hunt is over, the fun rolls on. Step right out the front door of your cabin to our beautiful private lake stocked with huge Crappie and Florida Bass, or you are welcome to take a boat and stroll down the very scenic Bayou Bonne Idee. Maybe you missed a few more ducks than you thought during the morning hunt, take some practice shots on our skeet thrower out over the lake. 

If you are one that enjoys the city life, shopping, etc, enjoy the largest sporting goods store in the South, Simmons Sporting Goods, which is located only 20 minutes from your cabin. Some local restaurants include: Huddle House, Granny's Family Restaurant, Fiesta Linda Mexican Restaurant, Bodacious Bar-B-Que & Grill, Johnny's Pizza House, China Star and all the regular fast food joints, If you are into more fancy dining and even gaming, visit one of the three larger cities in our area, Monroe, Shreveport or Vicksburg.