Goose Hunt, Pass shooting in late evening

This was actually a hunt that we very rarely do here at top gun. We usually let the birds rest in the evenings, however this was near the end of the season and we decided to shoot them hard the last two days, morning and evening, and boy it worked. We had a huge flock of about 40 to 50k snow geese on each side of this very deep ditch bank which was perfect for hiding us and keeping us hid till the geese were well in shooting range. We were able to wait till the huge flocks of trading geese were withing 30 to 40 yards before emerging from the thick grass and blasting into them with 10 to 15 shots per volley! It was great and we killed a pile of them! We were set up great and were able to get a lot of the kills on video as we were doing a film for Gary Responi and Paridise Louisiana Hunting Show out of Baton Rouge Louisiana. This has been one of the many great shows they have been able to make with us and hopefully they will make many more... Thanks Mr Gary!